Like to Agree, Ignore to Die

If you are on social media, you know exactly the kind of post I am disparaging in this entry—the kind that presents an issue or principle to you and commands you to click ‘Like’ to receive the benefit, or to ignore the post and suffer dire consequences.

The posts usually go something like this: I believe in continuing the protected status of Guatemalan Silver-backed Timberwolves. Click ‘Like’ if you do too. Ignore this post and die soon. The post also might include a story about a man who ignored this post and died later that night, giving you fair warning not to ignore.

What the post does not tell you is the background story to the man who died later that night. You see, this man was 97-year-old Bardstown Crenshaw. The day of Crenshaw’s death his great-granddaughter, 17-year-old SaraSue, set up an account in her great-grandfather’s name. He did not even know about it. Why did he not know about it? Because Bardstown Crenshaw had been in a coma for the past three years, had been suffering from congestive heart failure, had had numerous strokes, diabetes had ravaged his body, he had been on dialysis longer than anyone in history after complete kidney failure and removal a number of years previously, he had had the maximum volume of brain matter removed that he could and still survive, while in transport from the nursing home to the hospital for treatment one day the ambulance he had been riding in had been in a horrendous accident and he had had nearly every bone broken above the waist, and he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer just six months previously (while in the coma).

Bardstown Crenshaw had been a real trooper, steadfastly surviving his terrible litany of evil things, and it was not until his great-granddaughter signed him up on social media and she ignored the post about the Guatemalan Silver-backed Timberwolves that his doom had been sealed.

Most of these set-up posts are religious in nature. They usually go something similar to this: I am a faithful follower of Jesus. Click ‘Like’ if you are as well. Ignore if you are ashamed of Him and plan on spending eternity in Hell.

I find posts like that patently offensive, and I believe Jesus does as well.