About Greg


I have this site for one purpose: I love to write. I am not out to impress anyone except myself with what I post here. I hope you enjoy it as well, but everyone has differing tastes, so if you do not like it, that is fine. Here is what you will find on Burton’s World: my observations and commentary about anything that I find interesting; short pieces of fiction, 1,000 words or less generally; longer, serialized pieces of fiction (short story or book length, in chapters); a section chronicling my travels to find and photograph covered bridges with my older brother George (however, please be aware that I have taken great literary license in the narratives of these stories; yet, the bridges in fact are places we visited, as are some of the characters); poetry; Bible commentary or devotions; and a section whose contributors are my middle school students that I teach, usually something outstanding one of them has produced.

Mainly I will be posting short fiction and poetry on this blog.

The Covered Bridge Chronicles will only be updated when I feel specially creative to record another one of those stories, meaning there may not be any more of those stories. They will remain on the blog, though. I wrote those a number of years ago. If you only read one of them, read the one titled Bass Roulette.

Please enjoy. If you do not enjoy, thank you for visiting anyway.


1 thought on “About Greg

  1. Greg,

    You write beautifully. I will so enjoy keeping up with your posts. I just read your Burton’s World and found it very interesting or your interests and your life.

    Keep up with the blog, I will stay tuned.

    Sherryl Stein Ritchie

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