Wonderful trees
Especially in summer.
Green leaves
Comforting shade.

Each with a personality:
Tall and skinny,
Squat and stout and grumpy,
Evergreen joy.

Bent by the wind –
An awesome sight.
Protecting things,
Such as houses.

Providing wildlife homes –
Squirrels scampering between the limbs,
Forever in quest of food,
Climbing and descending without fear of
Birds between the branches –
Nursery for their children,
Sleeping at night,
Protection from predators.

An ancient oak, regal in the front yard,
Over 100 years old.
Generational stories!
Soldiers going off to war,
A mother cradling her baby,
Grandfather’s passing,
The blizzard.

Can trees talk? People debate.
A twilight summer evening
Beneath a limb
Book in lap.
Today’s cares bearing down,
Trees whisper alluringly,
Beckoning to calm and peace.
Life’s storms dissolve with dusk.