Winners this week, October 11 through 16 – Volleyball and Football

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The usual disclaimer. There is no science involved in this. These are just my picks, subject to being incorrect. This week looks like there are plenty of opportunities for me to be wrong.

Last week was not bad as far as picking was concerned. I picked every local football game correctly, and 4 of 6 soccer champions.

This week is going to be more challenging. There are a lot of different volleyball sectional champion variables, and a couple of sectionals where 3 or 4 different outcomes would not surprise me.

Here they are.
Football – last week I picked 4 to win, which they did. This week I have 6, and the 2 that lose are facing another local team.

Providence over North Harrison
New Albany over Floyd Central
Jeffersonville over Jennings County
Silver Creek over Corydon
Charlestown over Eastern (Pekin)
Clarksville over Rock Creek


1A at Rock Creek.
It is difficult to pick against Rock Creek, which has won the last 4 sectional titles, so I will not.
Thursday – Rock Creek over Borden; New Washington over South Central
Saturday morning – Rock Creek over Shawe Memorial; Lanesville over New Washington
Saturday championship – Rock Creek over Lanesville

2A at Christian Academy of Indiana
Tuesday – Paoli over CAI
Thursday – Henryville over Eastern (Pekin); Mitchell over Crawford County
Saturday morning – Paoli over Clarksville; Mitchell over Henryville
Saturday championship – Mitchell over Paoli

3A at Scottsburg
This one was very difficult to pick. Many teams had good seasons. I changed my mind numerous time, and by the time this sectional is finished, I likely will have wished I had stuck with some earlier picks.
Tuesday – Silver Creek over North Harrison
Thursday – Scottsburg over Salem; Corydon over Charlestown
Saturday morning – Silver Creek over Madison; Corydon over Scottsburg
Saturday championship – Silver Creek over Corydon

4A at Providence
Thursday – Floyd Central over Jeffersonville; Providence over Seymour
Saturday morning – Floyd Central over Jennings County; Providence over New Albany
Saturday championship – Providence over Floyd Central

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