Turbine of the Mind

Roads in state of disrepair,
Terns circling rain-created pond.
Auto junkyard on the right,
Why is it so hot out here? 

Beeping horn from passing truck,
I left the stove on, I hope it’s fine.
A fire truck blares its siren;
I wonder where it is going. 

A large branch falls from the huge oak tree,
Situated in my front yard.
It missed my car by a foot or more.
I really need a drink. 

Papers scattered in the office,
No one to help them find their places.
A new novel started reading this morning.
New, but not really. 

Feet hurt, but they’ve been worse.
There was a shark attack along the coast.
Lying in bed, mind won’t be quiet.
Mother’s birthday was two days ago. 

Who knew life would be like this?
Original plans abandoned years ago.
The circus has closed, no shows anymore.
Vacation ends soon, too soon. 

What powers this turbine?
Is there an ‘Off’ switch?
How do I harness its power?
Just as well. It’s mine.

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