Apostrophe to a Companion


Always beside me, there you are;
And have been since my earliest memories.
You discover new ways to keep me young –
In mind anyway.
You make every experience appear to be a first time.

You evoke a smile, a laugh, a cheer, or a groan of anguish,
A clap of the hands or a wringing of them.
You compel words to project from my mouth,
Or me to rise to my feet.

You are my oldest companion.
You cheered my successes,
And challenged me to rise from defeat,
To attempt again.
You allowed me to believe I was pursuing you,
All the while you pursued me.

As I age, the memories of my youth with you
Bring nothing but pleasant thoughts, a slight smile.

And as I observe your touch on others,
I find that I am really cheering you, not them.
You keep me young,
You fan enthusiasm,
And I get to to tell others of all our experiences together.
Truly, you keep me young.
I want it to remain this way until my final second arrives.

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